Hope for chronic pain sufferers

If you have a chronic condition that doctors can’t explain…

If you have been going from doctors to doctors, specialists to specialists but no one can really help…

If you are open to exploring the connection between stress and physical symptoms…

You are in the right place and the latest pain science is giving us hope.

Your symptoms make sense, I can explain to you how.

Take a step back

Change your pain-spective

To understand persistent physical symptoms, we must look beyond what’s physically happening in our bodies to include the very organ that emits pain: the brain

No pain 🤕 occurs without the brain 🧠.

Traditional medicine mostly works in an empiric way🧐: if it hurts somewhere, we look at that specific body part and treat the body part. Sometimes it works, but not always.

If symptoms persists for more than 3 months we need a holistic approach that also addresses the brain, the nervous system, as well as what is happening in our lives.

In practice it’s an invitation to look at :

1- our biology 💪🦵(that’s what traditional medicine does)
but also:
2- our psychology 🤯 (personality traits,traumas and emotions)
3- our social environment 🏙💰(how we fit in the world)

It’s called the biopsychosocial model.

It makes sense because our body always feels inwards and outwards simultaneously. We cannot cut off our body from our inner world nor from the outer world. It belongs to both.

Many chronic conditions are not just about the body, but about our stress levels, our past traumas, external and also self-induced pressures etc…

Let’s see some examples, just so that you get the idea:

  • RSI or Repetitive Strain Injury at work
  • Our body is designed to move in a repetitive way, why do we hurt?
  • Possible causes: Resenting long hours? Bullying at work? Financial stress? Conflict with hierarchy? Hating the job?
  • Work could be perceived by our brain as an unsafe environment and this could be reflected and felt in the body through pain, like an alarm bell.
  • Vulvodynia, undiagnosed pelvic pain,vaginismus
  • Possible causes:Traumatic past experiences? Current fear of intimacy? Shame? Insecurities?
  • If we have experienced stress or danger around sex, pregnancy or intimacy… Our brain could unconsciously make us avoid a perceived threat in order to protect us.

  • Eczema, psoriasis, unexplained rashes
  • Of course, genetics play a part but what triggers it?
  • Possible causes: Pushing through a period of stress? Repressing anger to be nice? Not speaking our truth? Feeling unsafe around conflict? Feeling uncomfortable in our own skin?

Go beyond the traditional medical model

Discover the Mindbody Approach


Learn the latest pain science


Work on your thoughts


Feel your feelings


Access your truth


Start living now!


Trust your body


You can be pain-free!

My name is Edith. I am a certified coach, SIRPA practitioner and digital artist. This is me in the illustration when my neck was killing me!

I am now pain free. I have recovered from different manifestations of chronic pain by understanding how pain works, and by getting in touch with my true self.

I can help you through:

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Small Group coaching
  • Co-creation of unique and meaningful artwork

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Edith Vignal is amazing!

I have online sessions with her and would recommend her highly, very insightful, kind and encouraging, and has helped me such a lot.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I love Edith!

She was my tms coach and helped so much.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

“Thank you so much “

The sessions have certainly been helpful. I’m now getting a lot of improvement in my more physical symptoms which is awesome.